Can I receive a tax-deduction for my donation?
No. Music for Food is a (pending) 501 (c)(3) nonprofit public charity, and all contributions will not become deductible under section 170 of the IRS code until our 501(c) status is approved. All donations made to Music for Food, Inc and/or Music for . will be used to benefit the ones in need, however until our pending 501 (c) application has been completed your donation may not be tax deductible. Please give because you care! 

How do I donate?
Click here to make a donation online.

Donations can be mailed to Music For Food, 4117 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 103131, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

Who do I make the check out to?
Checks should be made payable to Music For Food.

What does Music For Food do with my donation?
Music For Food provides direct financial support for individuals and their families in need o f daily nourish, water, shelter, and social support. In addition, Music For Food provides financial support to approved organization that provide support and aid similar to Music For Food causes. The sole purpose for Music for Food is to provide direct financial assistance to people in need from revenues generated from the creation, distribution, marketing, merchandise, and musical and video creations from musicians and the music industry. If you have a specific state, county, city, and/or organization that you would like your donation to help, please inform us of your request . We will make every effort to fulfill the request.

What other donations can I make?
Your time, we are always looking for volunteers. Please forward your name, address, and contact information to: Music For Food, 4117 Hillsboro Pike, Suite 103131, Nashville, Tennessee 37215

If you are a band or artist and wish to donate a song that people can download to raise funds for us please contact us at and ask for more details on our Downloads for Donations program.


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