Music for Food is a Nashville based, non-profit organization created and established to actively help and serve the homeless communities of Nashville and throughout the world through the gift of music. All donations made to Music for Food, Inc and/or Music for . will be used to benefit the ones in need, however until our pending 501 (c) application has been completed your donation may not be tax deductible. Please give because you care! This holiday season, Music For Food begins its inaugural year by introducing its first holiday EP titled THIS SEASON which features three songs- two original compositions as well as an old familiar classic. The CD is part of the Companys first city-wide donation campaign titled, GIVE.

Music for food has several operating locations. Whether its by donating online, giving at one of our approved in-store kiosks, or purchasing a CD through one of our street members, your changing lives and making a difference to someone less fortunate this holiday season.

Our street members, are not paid staff, they are the direct recipients of who will receive the benefit of your donation. In addition, Music for food will be partnering with--- this year. If you decide to give online or at one of our in-store locations, your donation will go directly to one of these ministries.

There are no suggesting donation amounts or prices, please give what ever you feel comfortable with. Music for food is a non for profit organization, which mean all proceeds and donation amounts will go directly to the ministries listed and the people they are serving this holiday season.

The holidays can be a difficult time for many of us, however for many without a place to call home or something warm to eat it can be even more difficult. In these tough times, please understand if you decided to donate this season the real gift you will be giving is hope.


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